10 Tips for New Sys Admins at Dreamforce

10 Tips Photo New
1) Come with the right mindset: So you’re new to this huh? Don’t know a Workflow from a Related List?  Then you need to know that Dreamforce loves people like you. 
2) Write a down a list of areas you’d like to improve in, approval processes for example.  Checking off this list is your primary objective.
3) Register for breakout sessions you listed in #2.     If a session is full, you can probably still get in if you show up early. There are always open spots for walk ups.
4) Write a list of questions.  Maybe they are problems you’re trying to solve or maybe just things you’re curious about.    There are experts EVERYWHERE to answer these questions for you.
5) For breakout sessions, arrive early, sit in the front, and take notes.    Yes, I said sit in the front.
6) Been looking at using a 3rd Party App? They’re all at the expo.  Talk to them, get information, leave with free shwag.
7) Everyone is going to want to scan your badge, it’s the equivalent of giving them your business card.  Just be warned this often results in a lot of post-Dreamforce follow ups.
8) You don’t know what you don’t know.  Explore everywhere, there are potential game changing solutions for your users to be found all over the place.
9) The word DEVELOPER doesn’t always mean CODE.   Don’t shy away from it.
10) Attend the Sys Admin keynote!




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