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The Bullet’s Random Thoughts on Dreamforce ’15

After a week at Dreamforce, all I’m good for this week are random thoughts.  We’ll do some deep dives later on.


1) The lodge/lake/park theme was awesome. I was super impressed by the people who designed and put that together. 



2) Nobody knew that #goatselfie would become a thing.


3) Speaking of Selfies:   Salesforce gave out selfie sticks and banned them at Dreamfest.   Huh.


4) TRAILHEAD!  Awesome product from Chris Duarte [@TheChrisDuarte] and the Trailhead team.   

“That’s not Astro, it’s Chris Duarte in a racoon suit.” 



5) I saw two guys create a record in Salesforce using just their VOICE on MOBILE.

Brian Kwong [@Kwongerific] and Mark Ross [@SalesforceYoda] did just that.   They used Process Builder & Workato to do it.  I’ll link the session here if it becomes available.   Check out their podcast, WizardCast

6) Congrats to Steve Molis [@SteveMoForce] being honored with the Lightning Bolt from Parker Harris for his contributions to the Salesforce Community and reaching 3000 best answers.  

Fun fact: SteveMo was originally Steve :-/  but that name literally broke the internet.

SteveMo Lightning

7) My watch says I walked 30 miles.  Screw it, I’m bringing a drift board next year.  I wonder how they do on hills?


8) Michael Farrington’s [@MichaelForce] Top 10 things overheard at Dreamforce 2015 was pretty damn funny. 

Check out, maybe he’ll put it up there. Lots of other hilarious stuff there as well. 


9) Another gem from the Admin Comedy session:  The “Autumn Release” from SteveMo.


10) Speaking of things overheard at DF 15… Why have we still not yet perfected badge scanning technology at Dreamforce?


11) Naked laptops came home pretty naked. 2014 must have been the year of the sticker, because 2015 was the year of the patch pin.  

Some of you may have ended up with a patch pinned to the bottom of your shoe.   This was not a good year to walk through Dreamforce barefoot.


12) 2015 was also the year of Women in Tech & GirlyGeeks. Which is awesome.


13) It was also the year of the Salesforce Admin! 


14) Garry Polmateer’s [@DarthGarry] hilarious Lego cameo on the Keynote intro.  

Garry is a Managing Partner for a Salesforce consulting company, Red Argyle.  



15) The Lightning announcement on a Wednesday afternoon keynote was a bit anti-climactic.

…but Thunder was cool, well the part after the Thor hammer anyway.  


16) A well deserved double shout-out for the MVP’s.  This group of people has educated and inspired me for years, great to see some love on the Keynote.  Watch Here


If you’re wondering who the poster child is for MVP’s, it’s Brent Downey [@BrentDowney] &

And If you’re wondering who’s the new face of Admins everywhere, it’s Natalie Gunther [@gnatrae]  

17) I wonder how much Starbucks regulars hate Dreamforce week?


18) I’ve formally asked the Walgreens in my hometown of Omaha, NE to add a Chinese candy & snack aisle. 


19) So we’re up to 170,000 people now huh? 170k people coming from all around the world and hanging out around the Moscone Center for 4 days? 

I predict “Dreamforce Disease” is going to become a real thing.  It will be a hybrid consisting of various 18th century diseases we previously thought were cured, a hangover, and gout.