A Better Study Guide For The Advanced Admin (ADM-211) Exam


I’ve taken the Advanced Admin study guide from Salesforce and made it into a true study guide by listing the topics by test weight and providing links to material to study.  Last Update: Winter ’16 (current)

 I highly recommend Salesforce Trailhead as part of your exam preparation!


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A Better Study Guide For The Admin (ADM-201) Exam



Security & Access  20%

1) Describe the capabilities of territory management and the implications to the sharing model

2) Given a scenario, determine the implications to record and field data access

3) Compare and contrast the capabilities of custom profiles, permission sets, and delegated administration


Process Automation  13%

1) Given a scenario, troubleshoot an approval process

2) Given a complex scenario, determine the solution using a combination of automation tools to solve a business problem


Sales Cloud  10%

1) Explain how to customize and maintain products, price books, schedules, and quotes

2) Describe the capabilities of Customizable and Collaborative Forecasting


 Service Cloud  10%

1) Explain how to create and maintain Salesforce Knowledge

2) Explain how to create and maintain service entitlements and entitlement processes

3) Describe the features of Salesforce which enable interaction between support agents and customers

Change Management  10%

1) Describe the options available to move metadata between environments

2) Describe the capabilities and best practices for using change sets to move metadata between environments

Reports & Dashboards  10%

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate analytic tools to meet complex reporting requirements

Data Management  10%

Tools & Best Practices to improve & enrich data quality

Extending Custom Objects & Applications  8%

Describe the appropriate use of relationship types when building custom objects


Auditing & Monitoring  6%

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate tools for monitoring and troubleshooting system activity


Content Management  3%

Explain how to set up and maintain Salesforce CRM Content



5 thoughts on “A Better Study Guide For The Advanced Admin (ADM-211) Exam

  1. When I see that the study guide uses the old territory management it makes me think that this exam is going to deprecated or about to go through a big revision. I don’t think that I can even access the old TM in a developer org. It makes it really hard to practice for an exam on a deprecated feature of the product.

  2. Ryan,
    Thanks for your Better Study guide – nicely done.

    I checked in detail against Winter 16 Study Guide and all weightings, topics etc are still the same. You may want to update your page to reflect this.

    Only other comment is the links to non-Salesforce materials eg in Data Management hxxps://sites.google.com/site/ezrakenigsberg/ , whilst relevant and interesting, probably are not helpful for passing the Certification. The Certification questions can be very precise on the Salesforce specific terminology etc.

    Territory Management is tricky to set up. Territory Management can be enabled ONLY if customizable forecasting is first enabled.

  3. Just failed the Advanced Admin exam this weekend. I studied everyday for about 6 weeks. It was extremely tough. I’m creating a two week crash study outline to go back over each topic (focusing on the heavy weighted sections). I came across your blog and am going to look at each link you provided. I noticed the Reporting Workbook link is not working. Any updates or added advice you can give?

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