An Interview With SteveMo!


Steve Molis [@SteveMoForce] is arguably the most famous Salesforce Admin in the world.  When I was just starting out,  I had to do a lot of google searching for answers and how-to’s (still do).  It became very common that my answer was provided by  some guy named ‘SteveMo’ with a Charlie Brown avatar.  If you’ve ever been to one of his Dreamforce sessions, you know that he’s not only knowledgeable, but also really funny.

Huge thanks to Steve for answering some questions for my blog!


Salesforce Bullet: What were you doing before becoming a Salesforce Admin?

SteveMo:  I was a Lotus Domino Developer in MIS/IT where I’m working now



Salesforce Bullet:  How did you get your start?

SteveMo: One day in August 2003 I was in a meeting and my boss looked at me and said “We’re getting this thing called Salesforce.  We’re gonna learn it, and then you’re gonna own it”



Salesforce Bullet: You’re described as a self-taught Salesforce Admin.  Can you talk about what it was like back when you began learning compared to now?

SteveMo: Back in my day we didn’t have Trailhead or free Developer Salesforce orgs…  All we had was the Online Help and Training Docs, and we had to walk 5 miles in the snow (even in the Summer)


Salesforce Bullet: Formulas seem to be an area most Admins tend to struggle with. How did you become so good with them?

SteveMo: Working in Lotus Formula Language, and a similar “In House” language before that definitely gave me a leg up.  Going from Lotus Formula to Salesforce Formula isn’t even like going from speaking Spanish to Portuguese.  It was like going from Portugal to Brazil, it’s like the same language, so a different dialect.



Salesforce Bullet: To date, you have provided approx. 42,000 answers on the Success Community. There are a lot of people that think this must your full time job. Can you tell us about a day in the life of Steve Molis?

SteveMo:  It’s probably not much different from most SFDC Admins or Devs, start off by logging into all 3 SFDC orgs (Prod, Sandbox, and Dev), checking email, vmail, putting out any fires that pop-up.  There’s always something “on the stove”, whether it’s building/customizing a Report, Dashboard, Page Layout, Process, etc…  I keep the Answers Tab open, and check in when I can, either to take a crack at something, or see what guys like Deepak, Jeff May, Geoffrey Flynn, Chris D, Chris E, Sharif, (too many to mention or count) are cooking up.  There’s just so much knowledge out there flowing through the Answers and Success Community.


Salesforce BulletYou recently passed 3000 best answers, what does that mean to you?

SteveMo: I honestly didn’t even know that I’d done it until Vamsi Krishna posted it in the Success Community.  But once it happened and then Marc and Parker, and other community members, some I’ve known for years, others I’ve never met posted their congratulations…  I still dunno if it’s really sunk in yet. I mean being a Baseball Fan maybe there’s some allegory (right word?) cuz in Baseball 3,000 hits is like one of the standards that batters are measured by.
SteveMo Lightning
Steve receiving the Lightning Bolt from Parker Harris at the DF15 Admin Keynote



Salesforce Bullet: You’re known for telling people they owe you a beer.  By your count, how many beers do you have coming your way?

SteveMo: Oh man…  I dunno if I can build a Formula for that one, I may need to learn Apex Code or Heroku or something.



Salesforce Bullet: What is your favorite kind of beer?

SteveMo: “Pliny the Elder” by Russian River Brewery, it’s considered the Grand Daddy or The Apollo Moon Landing of the “West Coast” IPA movement.



Salesforce Bullet: Any significance using Charlie Brown in your profile/Chatter photos?

SteveMo: I’ve always loved Charlie Brown as a kid, I think maybe I identified with the “Lovable Loser” and I’m a huge Baseball fan (and Dog Lover) so when I created my Community avatar I found a Charlie Brown Baseball image and “hacked in” a RedSox B on his cap.


Salesforce Bullet:  If someone visiting the Boston area could only visit one restaurant, what should it be?

SteveMo:   I’ll give you 2:
  1. Turner’s Seafood Grill in Melrose (be sure to order the Lobster Bisque)
  2. The Parish Café in Boston



Salesforce Bullet: I’m assuming you’re a Patriots fan, how did you celebrate the Super Bowl 49 win?

SteveMo: Honestly, I was too stunned… I watched it, I saw it happen, and like 3 days later I was still like “Wait…  did Butler really intercept the ball on the 1 yard line, or did I just dream that???”



Salesforce Bullet:  If you could give a new Salesforce Admin just three pieces of advice, what would they be?

Trailhead, Trailhead, TRAILHEAD!!!
Never stop learning, exploring, tweaking, etc… Spend as much time (or more) in your Dev SFDC org as you do in your Prod SFDC org.


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