My Top 5 Favorite Lightning UI Features

Lightning Logo Top 5


5) Drag & Drop Homepage Components!

The homepage is fully drag and drop customizable, allowing a homepage designed with components most relevant to what your users are doing.



4) List Views!

If you’re a Salesforce Admin in a large org, you know List Views can be a huge pain, especially when you have your own list views. Now you can search & sort. But wait, there’s  more!   Embedded analytic charts next to each List View.  Whoa.

List views



3) Assistant!

Being able to see everything across multiple objects in one place is going to be a big win for my users. And what else?  The Assistant will alert users of a lapse in account activity.  Look at the bottom below, it shows an Opportunity that had no activity for 30 days. Sweeeeet.



2) Drag & Drop Opportunities! 

This allows the user to see a view of every Opportunity they own, each under Stage headers. Need to move a few to another stage? Drag and drop em.


1) Reports & Dashboards!

If you’ve seen Wave, you got a preview of the future. Were you hoping for a four column dashboard? How about a NO column dashboard! You put the new beautifully designed components where you want WITH the ability to resize them.

Report Builder was also improved, with more interactive features for the end user, including the same beautiful dashboard components available right on the report.




3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Lightning UI Features

  1. Hey Ryan…do you have a list of the internet browser versions that this is going to be able to run on? I know most of them were the latest and greatest. I just want to get with IT and the budgeting committee to make sure that everyone will be able to run these new screens when they become available.

    1. Will work with all modern browsers, and IE up to v.11. If you view from a browser not supported, you will be redirected to the classic UI. More importantly will be testing how your VF pages behave in the new UI.

      1. The official response on Browser compatibility is:

        Lightning Experience is supported with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and the most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™. If you’re using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7–10, you’re redirected to Salesforce Classic.

        Note the comment from Ryan of “…and IE up to v.11” is clarified in this statement

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