Savvy Salesforce Admins Know Where To Search When Stumped

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I’m 4x certified, but not a day goes by that I’m not searching for a little help. Your ability to find the answer when you don’t know can make a huge difference in your success as a Salesforce Admin.

I’ve listed these in order by the path I would usually take to find an answer.  All headings are hyperlinked.



  • This is my first stop, as a search will almost always lead me to one of the other sources listed below.
  • Tip: Use the word “Salesforce” in your search. Ex: “Salesforce Problem/Question/Feature”

  • This was pointed out to me after I published this post. I just tried it out and highly recommend, definitely an awesome search engine for all things Salesforce.

  • This is where you can find a variety of great content for every feature Salesforce has to offer.
  • My favorite part is the list of related topics at the bottom of every article.  “I just came in for an overview of this feature, but what are these considerations & limits?”



  • I use Twitter specifically for Salesforce (@RyanLorenzen) and there are thousands of other Salesforce Admins that do too.  So follow us.  We’ll follow you back and when you tweet a question, you’ll get an answer.  My Twitter feed is a constant stream of awesome Salesforce information. 


Success Community: Answers

  • There are tons of really smart people who love answering the questions posted here.  


Success Community: Groups

  •  Got questions? Someone in a user group probably has the answer.  Find one here
  • Bring questions your local user group meeting


Salesforce Stack Exchange

  • Salesforce Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Salesforce administrators, implementation experts, developers and anybody in-between. It’s 100% free, no registration required.

  • If you don’t know Reddit already, I feel a little bad for introducing you…it’s addicting. Reddit is used for a lot of things, and Salesforce is one of them. Post a question, start a discussion, comment, etc…


Salesforce Tip Sheets & Implementation Guides 

  • Some of these guides are huge, so if you use ctrl + F, you can usually find you topic pretty quickly.


Salesforce Blogs


  • The next time you’re on YouTube watching cat videos, you should check out the Salesforce channel.   Everything from Product Demos to Dreamforce sessions are there.  There are a ton of user uploaded videos as well.
  • YouTube is usually where I find my answer when it involves an AppExchange App.


  • There is absolutely no better place to get answers to your questions than Dreamforce. I try to write down as many as I can before I head out, because I know they’re all getting answered.


  • I have to mention Trailhead here.  While it’s not an optimal source for finding answers, it’s a top notch tool for learning about a process end to end.



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