Spring ’16 – Highlighting 32 of the New Features for Salesforce Classic

Spring 16 Butterfly

Spring ’16 brings a ton of new features for Lightning and Classic. As most of us are not on Lightning yet, I’m only covering 32 of the highlights for Classic in this post.

You can access the full release notes by clicking the butterfly above.


Process Builder

  • Create Email Alerts for Tasks & Events
    • Also available on Workflow Rules, Approval Processes, and Flows

  • No more retyping names and descriptions for new versions

  • See entire field name in criteria

  • Drag & Drop Criteria Reordering

Reports & Dashboards

  • Option to exclude the Confidential Information Disclaimer

  • Access to Reports & Dashboards in user’s Private folder via Workbench

  • Ability to report on the top 300 File search terms queried by your users

Service Cloud

  • Block Sensitive Data in Chats

  • Supervisors can assign skill sets

  • Case Feed Filters

  • Drag & Drop Files into Case Feed Email

  • INTRODUCING: Work Orders
    • Work Orders are tasks to be performed on a customer’s product, typically in field service.
    • They can be associated with accounts, assets, cases, contacts, entitlements, service contracts, and other work order
  • Asset Hierarchy: An asset can have up to 2,000 child assets, and a hierarchy of assets can have up to 50 levels
  • Knowledge
    • Validation Rules for article types
    • Force.com and Chatter Plus users may be granted read access to articles without the Knowledge User license.
  • Service Console
    • Tab Hovers see highlights of tab contents
  • Macros: Now run on any feed-based layout

Sales Cloud

  • Get Mass Email Opt-Out and Bounce Alerts Before You Send

  • Data Import Wizard: Import Data from the following object Home Pages:
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Custom Objects
    • Person Accounts



  • Broadcast Groups: a group where only group owners and managers can create posts.

  • Group Limits: 300 per user & 30,000 per org.

  • Email Announcements: Group owners and managers can now send email notifications to all group members regardless of their email notification settings.

  • @Mentions are now going to show the people you interact with most instead of alphabetical


  • Synonym Groups (words/phrases that are treated equally in searches) & Spell Correction are now available in the following
    • Knowledge Articles
    • Cases
    • Chatter Feeds
    • Files
    • Ideas
    • Questions


Data Import Wizard

  • Import Person Accounts

  • Display Import Status

  • Import Contacts & Person Accounts as Campaign Members
    • update Campaign Member Status

  • User Permission to import custom objects


General Administration

  • URL Custom Buttons & Links are now available in Lightning & Mobile.

  • Quick Actions update
    • Option to exclude from creating a feed item
    • Include custom success message

  • Picklist Updates
    • Restricted Picklists now in Beta:  Prevents users from importing/updating values that don’t exist.
    • Global Picklist pilot: Multiple Custom Picklist fields can get their values from the same master set.

  • Easier Migration to Lightning with “Migration Assistant”

  • Optimized parallel sharing rule recalculation, will help reduce time org is locked.

  • Login Forensics to help prevent identity fraud