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10 Ways To Experience Dreamforce Without Actually Going To Dreamforce

Can’t go to Dreamforce this year? Bummer. Here’s how you can feel like you attended anyway.


1) The day before Dreamforce, go hang out in the airport.  While there, spend your time on Twitter reading posts from everyone arriving in San Francisco and running into their friends from the Salesforce Community.  You’ll feel like you’re right there with em!


2) Eat your breakfast and lunch outside every day.  If there are people around you, ask them about their jobs.


3) Each night, drink more than you normally would and stay up too late.   Be careful though, you don’t want to be too hungover…  you still have to function well enough to drive to the dollar store. (see # 4)


4) Visit your local dollar store and pick up some nice pens, notepads, mobile phone chargers, sunglasses, stickers, and T-shirts.  Don’t forget a reusable tote bag to bring all that awesome shwag home with you.   When you get home, spread it out all over your bed, take a picture, and post to Twitter.


5) Your daytime routine is as follows:  Step 1: Pack a backpack full of stuff (maybe include some of that dollar store schwag)  Step 2: Go to Trailhead  to expand your knowledge and earn some badges. Step 3: Once an hour, put on that backpack and go walk around your neighborhood a few times while checking your Twitter feed. 


6) Whenever you need a break from earning Trailhead badges, go to the AppExchange and watch demos.  Don’t forget to provide your contact information so they can follow up with you.  If you felt like any of those demos were a waste of time, reward yourself and head back to the dollar store for more sweet schwag. 


7) The day of the main keynote, go stand in line somewhere for a couple hours. When you think you’ve had enough, return home and watch the keynote at Salesforce Live.  (It’s also a great way to watch other keynotes, interviews, and breakout sessions)


8) On the last night, take the city bus to your local TGI Fridays for endless appetizers. Wash it down with draft beers while listening to {insert Dreamforce band here} on your phone. 


9) Preparing for life after Dreamforce.  Step 1: Find a place where lots of germs are present and touch everything.  Step 2:  Don’t wash your hands.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have a cold within a couple weeks, just like a lot of your peers who went to Dreamforce. 

When you’re at home nursing your cold, that’s just about the time when all of the Breakout Sessions you missed are posted to YouTube on the Dreamforce Video channel.


10) Still not in the Dreamforce spirit? You’re missing that warm and fuzzy feeling after doing good for others.  Please consider donating some of your time or money to a charity, such as Project Night Night.